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Jun 11

Dicamba Cutoff Still June 20th

The Minnesota Department of Ag has chosen to keep the June 20th cutoff date in effect for 2018 dicamba applications, and will actively monitor the use of dicamba in dicamba tolerant crops. See below more details associated with this decision.
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Jun 8

Seeing Stunted Yellowing Corn in Patches?

Several plant parasitic nematodes infect corn leading to reduced plant vigor, stunted growth and yield loss. Plant parasitic nematodes are microscopic worm-like organisms that live in the soil. They have a “feeding straw” structure called a stylet that they use to injure the plant roots and suck nutrients from the plant cells. Some of the ...
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Jun 7

MidWeek Review – 06-06-2018

RTN: What Does It Mean For Your Hybrids The correlation is significant; heavy early spring rains cause nitrogen deficiencies. The graph above is data pulled from SE Minnesota over the years, and tracking the percent of tissue s amples that come back deficient, compared against April/May rainfall. The more rain we get in April/May, the ...
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