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Dec 7

MidWeek Review – 12-6-2017

Healthy Roots Unlock Higher Yields? We know that roots are the foundation to yield, and not only acce ss/transport water from the soil, but provide anchoring for corn’s standability. As corn prices stay low, the value of traits like SmartStax over VT2P options often comes into question. AnswerPlot data from 2017 helps bring clarity to ...
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Events and Promotions

Exp. Feb 28

NuWay Cooperative Oil and Grease Promotion

All Cenex products qualify – bulk or package. Promotion runs November 1st – February 28th Every 125 gallons purchased of qualifying products you will get a $50 gift card. Place your order today by calling Riley Schwieger or Haley Ammann at 800-445-4118.
Exp. Apr 15

NuWay Cooperative Accepting Scholarship Applications

NuWay Cooperative is accepting applications for up to ten $500 scholarships. This annual scholarship program is open to all students from southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, as well as to all patrons, customers, employees and directors of NuWay Cooperative and their children. To be eligible, an applicant must attend or plan to attend an accredited ...

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NuWay Cooperative: A diversified partner to you and your community delivering exceptional value through knowledge and innovation.


From Fighter to Farmer: Rising to the Challenge

In 2002, Chase Crawford leased 40 acres, bought a combine for $1,200, scraped together additional equipment, and decided to try his hand at farming. The recent high school graduate had farming in his blood – his grandparents were farmers – but a skip in farming generations meant that Crawford had to start almost from scratch. ...
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