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Oct 13

MidWeek Review – 10-11-2017

How do you make sense of test weight? Corn growers get paid by selling corn by the bushel, which means test weight carries some emotion with it. Understanding test weight and the impact at the elevator always gets brought up as corn harvest starts. Remember, test weight is a volumetric measurement of how many pounds ...
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NuWay Cooperative: A diversified partner to you and your community delivering exceptional value through knowledge and innovation.


NuWay Cooperative supports hometown communities

Fairmont, MN (September 14, 2017) – NuWay Cooperative announced today a $5,000 grant to Project 1590. The funds will support their “From The Ground Up” event.  This event directly connects Farmers and Ag Business organization members with other influential non-ag oriented industries and people within our communities.  Bringing everyone together helps to increase communication by ...
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