Local Trials Help YOU DECIDE

What’s it worth to you to have a team of experts dedicated to looking at all the newest technology and weighing in on whether it is economically beneficial to use on your crops? We think it’s worth plenty for customers of NuWay Cooperative and perhaps part of the reason we’re growing.

This year, our agronomy team is conducting a variety of trials to determine the economic benefit of various products and trait packages new to the market. Our goal is to gather the information you need to decide if they are worthy of your investment.


These products represent the trials we’ve planted:

Toggle – a biostimulant on corn said to produce bigger roots and better plant health

QuickRoots® – a plant growth regulator said to increase root growth.

IRONFORCE-H – in-furrow application of chelated iron in soybeans to fight iron chlorosis.

Nitrogen Trials – a study of split application and variable-rate technology, using the Adapt-N nitrogen predicting model on corn.

Trait Packages – a trial comparing Double PRO® versus SmartStax® to determine the economic effect of a corn rootworm package. We’ve dug roots and utilized sticky traps to monitor the number of corn rootworm beetles emerging.


Who keeps track of all these trials? NuWay Cooperative’s Account Managers with assistance from our Summer Interns.


“Without interns, we wouldn’t be able to gather sufficient data on all the things we try,” says Jeff Crissinger, NuWay Sales and Marketing Manager.


This fall, the trials will be harvested and we’ll share with you what worked and what didn’t. Now, isn’t that a lot better than trying these technologies one by one on your own farm?