The Best Seed for Each Acre

NuWay Cooperative is focused on selling the very best product out there. For this reason we begin by acquainting you with the benefits of fully traited seed, like SmartStax® hybrids, which offer maximum protection against insect and disease pests.

That said, your Account Manager will not hesitate to tell you when a seed with fewer traits, like a Double PRO® or even a conventional hybrid, is the most cost effective. NuWay Cooperative has the knowledge to guide you to solutions that will benefit each field and a wealth of seed partners to execute those solutions.

We also have the facilities to treat and inoculate your soybean seed to give you the highest possible yields to offset a down agricultural market.

Trust NuWay Cooperative and our seed partners below to deliver the best plant genetics for your particular farming operation and for each specific acre. Link to our partners’ websites by clicking on their logos below








Considering variable-rate planting?

We’ve helped many of our customers integrate their information and put this valuable technology to use. Ask your NuWay Cooperative Account Manager.